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A passionate photographer since early childhood, I dedicate a pursuit in excellence through the study of light which is photography and developed a keen eye for texture, tone, shadow, depth and mood with collections that are truly unique. 

Through this journey; I have arrived at my focus of Light Painting. Utilizing a technique developed through the seven year process of the Bachelor of Science Degree;  a truly unique way of creating light within the camera to present and convey emotion, form, shape and texture within the image in a single moment of time on the camera sensor. This process has been painstakingly inspired by emotional life experiences and through this development I've found my true style and focus.  Truly a life changing event.

My presentation styles began with  Architectural documentary both interior and exterior.  Environmental Preservation;  capturing the processes of people who care for our earth.  Product Imaging for ECommerce, print and stock round up the full spectrum of my talents.

My interests are  influenced by many of the great artisans who went before me. For example; Alfred Stiglitz's architectural work and Dorothea Lang for her work during the Great Depression. Not to forget Contemporary Advertising Artistry in all of its unique forms. Editorial photojournalism (telling a story through images); Fine Art consisting of Light Painting, historic photograph restoration; High Dynamic Range, Illustrative Panorama, selective focus, time lapse, infrared, surrealism and conceptual styles round up my specialty interests as I've tried and succeeded in them all. 

A 2018 Graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division and member of the National Technical Honor Society with Dean's List Honors in the Bachelor of Science in Digital Photography Degree program; I also completed a photographic Internship with The Taste of St. Louis Event in September 2015.

I have received the honor of many exhibitions awards, image sales and letters of reference from Academic Instructors and Clients. Please visit the Client Testimonials page to see happy customer comments. I have a lot more to add!

Contact Me today to discuss how I may assist you in creating your photographic needs. I love travel and will come to your location. The creativity is only limited if we allow it and the investment in photographic quality, ethical business practices  with copyright and a highly skilled photographer is one that will reward you for years to come. I look forward to working with you! Thank you for visiting!

Yours in Light ~


Julie A Zagorski

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